shop secondhand kids' clothes with purpose

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Do something good with your kids' clothing.


Fabrick Collective sells donated, gently used children's clothing, footwear, outerwear, gear, toys & books.

30% of sales go to the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa to fund improvements to their transitional housing for criminalized women.

Find out more about E Fry Ottawa here.

improve housing for women

Fabrick Collective donates 30% of sales to the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa. We turn outgrown kids' clothes into cash - the most useful and flexible form of support - to fund improvements to transitional housing.

provide clothes to mothers

Clients of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa can choose the clothes they need for their children for free. If you are a client, contact an E Fry Ottawa staff member to arrange access.

support the circular economy

Buying secondhand is more affordable, great for the environment, and reduces our reliance on exploitative manufacturing practices of fast fashion brands.


I have SO enjoyed shopping with you the past few weeks. With three kids to keep in mind, it is so handy to be able to filter so quickly through the clothes you have available. I appreciate the option for local delivery and to be able to combine orders. Keep up the great work!



"Fabrick Collective provides a way for me to directly help women get a fresh start, while also keeping clothing out of landfills. It's a win-win!"



"The purchasing experience with Fabrick Collective is quite different from what I have had in the past when purchasing second-hand clothing. The clothes looked quite new and were delivered to my door nicely presented in a little bag with a hand-written note. This blew my mind and made me feel so special as a customer. The prices are affordable, and every time I make a purchase, I know part of the proceedings support a very special cause."