how the online shop is organized


Gender isn't binary, but most clothing manufacturers cut and design kids clothes this way. Note that clothes labelled for girls often fit smaller than clothes labelled for boys, particularly in larger sizes.

The default setting is that all clothes will appear for each size so that you can choose the styles your child enjoys - you can filter by gender per manufacturer if you wish.


We use the following terms to categorize the condition of every item we sell:

New with tags

Excellent Used Condition: no or minimal signs of wear.

Gently used condition: signs of wear from normal use and washing, such as fading or pilling. Any further flaws are noted in the description.

Play: showing wear but lots of life left. Great for messy play, daycare, or just getting a bargain! Any damage will be described and/or shown in a photo.


We ask for donations to be clean for pick-up, and suggest that you wash your purchases before wearing (just as you would when buying new). In the interests of energy and water conservation, we do NOT launder clothes unless they are stained. Families use a wide range of detergents. If you are highly sensitive to scents, please contact me after completing your purchase so I can verify the pieces in your order. I have found that soaking clothing in hot water with sodium percarbonate and then washing with unscented detergent to be highly effective for removing scent.


Remember that used clothing may have shrunk with washing - if in doubt, size up!

Size categories include the largest size in each range. For example, 12-18M includes sizes 12-18 months and 18 months. 

I welcome feedback on how the shop is organized to make your shopping easier.



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