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Welcome to Fabrick Collective! I'm Sarah.

Fabrick Collective is a social enterprise the simplifies shopping for secondhand kids' clothes while raising money for the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa in a transparent and direct way.

As a parent to four children, I've dealt with a lot of kids' clothes over the last 10 years. 

After I had twins, the cost of buying new clothing escalated, but getting out to thrift stores and consignment sales was a challenge with four children, let alone during a pandemic.

I've given away a lot of clothes to family, friends, and neighbours because it's quite hard to find organizations that serve women and will accept kids' clothing donations. Many don't have the staff or space to process bulk donations. I had often wished to do more good with our outgrown clothes.

In my previous career as an academic criminologist, I sat with hundreds of prisoners who described the harms caused by their incarceration - the losses of children, family, work, community support, mental and physical health - and the patterns of trauma and systemic exclusion that lead them there. 

I joined the board of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa (E Fry Ottawa) while at home full-time with my kids to continue this work in the community. I am dedicated to their mission of advocating for and supporting criminalized women and their vision of an inclusive and just community without prisons, in which all women live with equality and dignity.

E Fry Ottawa works hard to make the most of the funding they receive, but they could use a flexible source of income to make their transitional housing feel more like home. Thirty per cent of sales are donated to E Fry Ottawa, and clients can access clothing for their children for free.

To be successful, this social enterprise depends on the collective effort of many people - to donate, to buy, and to share what we are doing. Join me in supporting E Fry Ottawa, while giving families a convenient way to shop secondhand for their kids.

Thanks for visiting!

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